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Acidic Ramming Mass

Jajoo Group of Industries

Established 27 years ago, we are glad to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturer and exporter of Silica Ramming Mass & Ferro Alloys for Induction Furnace. We are having our own rich silica snow white quartz mines in Rajasthan and we are supplying our quality products all over the world.

The Company has the State of Art Manufacturing Plant of Ramming Mass operated & managed by qualified technologists having vast experience and knowledge of Refractory and its behavior. Mixing of various grain sizes of Quartz in the exact proportion suitable for small, medium and large sizes of Induction Furnaces viz. 250 kg to 25000 kg (25 Tones) capacities.

We are specialized manufacturer of Premix Ramming Mass which contains binder- Boric Acid, mixed with Pre-heated Ramming Mass (no need to mix Boric Acid further). We recommend using our Ramming Mass (Premix), which will prove to be a good performer with its long lining life reducing cost of production.

When the pieces of Raw material, power is high and return is limited. It is necessary to minimize the cost of production without affecting the productivity and quality of the product.


Silica SiO2 98 to 99%
Alumina Al2O3 0.04%
Ferric Oxide Fe2O3 0.04%
Titanium Dioxide TiO2 0.08%
Manganese Oxide MnO Nil
Calcium Oxide CaO Nil
Magnesium Oxide MgO 0.11%
Sodium Oxide Na2O 0.05%
Potassium Oxide K2O Nil
Loss in ignition - 0.08%
Sintering Temp.   1200oC
Max. Service Temp.   1700oC
Grain Sizes   0 to 5 mm

  • SS Steel
  • Plain carbon steels (M.S.)
  • Alloy Steels
  • Low manganese and low chromium steels
  • All graded cast iron
  • S.G. iron and malleable iron
  • Alloy cast iron


  • Copper and its alloys
  • Copper-Nickel upto 15% Ni.


  • High refractoriness to with hold operating temperature
  • High corrosion resistance towards steel & slag
  • High electrical resistivity to prevent short circuiting
  • Suitable upto 1730ºC
  • Consistent quality (purity 98.65%)
  • Grain-sizes mixed according to capacity of the furnace
  • Free of iron oxide (FeO)
  • Minimum expansion & contraction at high temperature (treated)
  • Moisture free and sea worthily packing
  • Low down time for furnace lining
We have three types of Ramming Mass

   SK - 120 (Ordinary Grade)

It is basically used in small capacity induction furnaces & is lesser resistant to high temperature. Recommended up to 1600º

   SK - 135 (Super Snow White)

It is basically used in higher capacity induction furnaces for better resistance to high temperature. Recommended up to 1730º

   SK - 171 (Pre-mixed--Our Specialized Product)

This product is an innovation by our highly qualified and skilled technicians which has the entire required feature for best quality product. It is Ready-To-Use material having ZERO (0) moisture content. It is preheated, mixed with binder-Boric Acid and packed in moisture proof bags.

Proper mixing of binder leading to optimum lining life. Best quality Boric Acid is used to give best results. Proportionate percent mixing, suitable to the capacity of the furnace under technical supervision to achieve maximum number of heats per lining & patching reducing cost to the end user.

Packing Facility
  1. HDPE Bags
  2. HDPE Bag with inner lining for moisture proofing
  3. PP Bags
  4. Packing in One Ton Jumbo Bags


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