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Unrefined Rapeseed Oil

We deal in Un-Refined Rapeseed Oil of following specification for lubrication in Induction Furnaces of 10MT & above capacity using LRF, CONCAST for making Billets. The seeds of Taramira is available in Rajasthan State only in India


Specific Gravity 0.912-0.925 G/cc
Flash Point Above 300ºC
Viscosity at 50ºC 4.0-4.7 Engeler, 30-35. cst (mm2/s)
Iodine Number 92-110 gJ/100 g Oil
Saponification Index 165-180Mg KOH/g
Unsaponifiable Matter Max. 1.5-2.0%
Free Fatty Acid Max. 1.0%
Water Content Max.0.1%
Appearance Crystal Clear

Beside India exported to Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Middle East, South Africa etc.

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